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I know you

I know you, his eyes said. I woke up to a day when the sun just rises on the horizon and the birds began to sing. Dew was lying on the white blanket of anemone and glinted like diamonds.

Beside me Mr. Fox glared at me, I know you, his eyes said. I smiled and saw the sun shines in dew drops on his red fur. He had a white chest and a white pointed tail. He and I listened to the sound of the forest.

The call echoed through the forest hitting the trunks and sending the sound further with the wind, brought with the cranes through their beaks knocking, the creeks gurgles and the trees shaking their leaves like to stretch them.  Mr. Fox stands up on his legs alerted, he must have heard his mates called out. I was looking around and saw nothing but the white blanket of anemone, and when I turned my head to look at Mr. Fox again, he disappeared without any sounds. 

The anemone smelled like honey and the clover tasted just like heaven. The thrill to be here in the forest can’t be described, I thought. One has to experience this wonderful Eden on Earth. The sun warmed everything and the dew drops disappeared. I heard sounds that send the messages, “We are all awake, go to work” I smiled again.

I was happy and I will bring my story to the city to share with people.
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